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City of Moreton Bay Councillor for Division 12, Tony Latter.

In a recent development, JtA News published allegations of misconduct against City of Moreton Bay Councillor for Division 12, Tony Latter, shedding light on a case referred to the Crime and Corruption Commission. The Office of the Independent Assessor (OIA) has further escalated the matter to its legal team for potential prosecution before the Councillor Conduct Tribunal.

In a letter addressed to Andrew Drovey, dated August 18, 2022, the OIA referred to a complaint lodged on December 13, 2021, concerning Councillor Latter’s conduct during a Council meeting held on December 8, 2021. It was alleged that Councillor Latter failed to declare a conflict of interest related to a resolution authorising the change of the Council’s official title from ‘Moreton Bay Regional Council’ to ‘Moreton Bay City Council.’

Remarkably, amidst this revelation and in a sign of “cohesion”, it has come to light that the mayor, alongside possibly other councillors, was privy to this process from its inception but opted not to disclose it to the public, aligning with Cr Tony Latter’s decision.

This revelation has sparked the public to question the timing of the disclosure, particularly with elections looming. Further concerns have emerged regarding why these allegations were not made public sooner, given that they could have been disclosed by Cr Tony Latter, the mayor, or possibly other councillors once the allegations were formally lodged some two years ago.

The OIA has evaluated the complaint within the purview of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2010, categorising it as falling under the definition of a public interest disclosure. The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2010 provides a way for people to disclose information about serious wrongdoing in the public sector, and to ensure that they are appropriately protected when they do.

Councilor Tony Latter had not responded to an offer of a right to reply at the time of publication, however, Cr Latter did respond on his own Facebook page without addressing the allegations.

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