Why Join the Adventure (JtA)? Joining the Adventure connects you with a community of like-minded people, who are interested in experiencing life and making a positive mark on the world. JtA provides a sense of camaraderie and belonging, a sense of mateship, it is a way to share adventures and back each other up.

Further, JtA members have a culture of being adventurous. This means embracing new experiences, pushing boundaries, and being up for the challenge. It’s about seeking out the thrill of the adventure. It’s about taking the road less travelled and appreciating the journey. It’s a mindset that encourages personal growth and discovery, and it leads to a more fulfilling life.
“The world is one big adventure – DARE to go there!®”

Join the Adventure North Star

Join the Adventure® is committed to entirely operating in a values-driven manner, guided by our core values and purpose (our NORTH STAR) in every aspect of our organisation. Our dedication to upholding these principles is unwavering, and we strive to ensure that they are reflected in all our actions and decisions, at all times. This firm commitment to our values and purpose is our promise to our stakeholders, who are the community that make up Join the Adventure. We believe that this commitment is vital for building trust, fostering strong relationships, and achieving our shared goals.

WHY do we exist:

Join the Adventure® exists to bring the world together, improving its people and the earth itself.

One of our commonly used sayings is: “Join the Adventure® is where you join in on the adventure of LIFE, COMMUNITY, and EXPERIENCES.”

We believe that everyone should have the right to be part of this, regardless of the lottery that determined where you were born (nationality), what culture you were born into, what level of wealth you were born into, and what physical attributes you were born with.

We also believe it is our mission to actively seek out ways to improve earth’s sustainability through innovative approaches that coincide with improving LIFE, COMMUNITY, and EXPERIENCES for everyone.

HOW we do things:

We do this by building a brand that creates community, inspires, and uplifts people and the world we live in. Everyone who connects themselves with the Join the Adventure® brand, is joining in on the adventure of LIFE, COMMUNITY, and EXPERIENCES.

We continually develop strategic relationships and partnerships that support our mission and amplify the positive outcomes we seek. Further, we establish and participate in initiatives that we believe make a real difference.

With this in mind, we move at a fast pace with purpose and clarity. We also welcome and encourage curiosity to learn, challenge, and be challenged.

And we value authenticity, tenacity, and healthy empathy.

WHAT we do:

  • Join the Adventure® online shop – The online shop sells a range of Join the Adventure® branded products and services, as well as products and services sold under partnership arrangements in line with our core values and purpose (our NORTH STAR).
  • Join the Adventure® branded clothing – By wearing this apparel, you display to your friends and the world that you are ready to embark on exciting adventures. Moreover, you become part of a community of like-minded adventurers who share a common bond.
  • Partnership Campaigns – Partnership campaigns are conducted in line with our core values and purpose (our NORTH STAR). Rather than simply marketing, we partner with brands, services, and products. This enables us to authentically influence target audiences through our innovative engagement approaches. This is why we will only take on projects that we can believe in and get behind.
  • Join the Adventure® content – Videos, photos, podcasts, editorials, and other content is published by Join the Adventure® in line with our core values and purpose (our NORTH STAR). Often, this content is educational oriented, because education has a fundamental role in helping people realise their potential and join in on the adventure of LIFE, COMMUNITY, and EXPERIENCES.