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As the local government elections loom closer on Saturday, March 16, 2024, Division 12 in the City of Moreton Bay stands out as one of the few divisions where voters will witness a contest. While most councillors and the mayor face no opposition, the battle for Division 12 heats up between incumbent Councillor Tony Latter and his opponent, Adrian Raedel.

In an extensive podcast interview with JtA NEWS, Cr. Latter showcased his accomplishments from his first term and highlighted the critical issues facing the residents of Division 12.

“We have unique communities in Division 12, and what I’ve seen over the last four years is that attention come back to this area and we (are starting) to get projects delivered that have been cried out for so long,” Cr. Latter remarked during the podcast.

Reflecting on his achievements, Cr. Latter emphasised the importance of pedestrian safety, particularly in ensuring children have a safe route to school. He cited the successful completion of a pedestrian walkway between D’Aguilar and Woodford as a significant milestone.

“One of the ones I went into the last election with was every child deserves a safe way to get to school,” Cr. Latter explained. “And I really got sick and tired of driving along the D’Aguilar highway, and you see young kids walking along the white line to go from D’Aguilar to Woodford.”

However, Cr. Latter acknowledged that individual councillors have limited authority and power. He stressed the significance of unity within the council to drive impactful change.

“I can’t do everything as a councillor, as an individual you have very little power,” Cr. Latter outlined. “Our authority and our way of doing things comes as a group of 13, as a group with the mayor and 12 councillors, that’s the group that can deliver.”

Addressing concerns regarding infrastructure development and potential lifestyle impacts from the Caboolture West project, Cr. Latter emphasised the role of the State Government in facilitating necessary infrastructure and policy amendments.

While acknowledging progress in Division 12, Cr. Latter admitted there is still work to be done, particularly in ensuring equitable distribution of resources and community events compared to other divisions within the City of Moreton Bay.

Looking ahead, Cr. Latter stressed the importance of maintaining a cohesive council to continue delivering tangible results for Division 12 residents.


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