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RAEDEL family.

The City of Moreton Bay ballot papers for Division 12 and Division 3 will both feature the Raedel name in a bid to bring a “Community Centred and Connected” approach to local government, fostering collaboration and inclusivity for a stronger, more united community.

Husband and wife Adrian and Kerri Raedel have declared their candidacies for the City of Moreton Bay Council election to be held Saturday, 16 March 2024, with Adrian running in Division 12 and Kerri in Division 3.

The audacious nominees declare they refuse to passively observe their beloved community crumble into disarray any longer, as it is torn apart by a glaring absence of representation.

Former Division 12 Councillor, Adrian Raedel said he has grown exponentially in the real world over the past four years while being out of Council, but has also witnessed the heartbreaking decline of the ordinary person’s voice to Council.

“I pursued a university education and successfully graduated with a degree in Development Planning,” Raedel said in a statement. “Further to this, I have been putting this education to work in the real world, learning solutions to real community challenges.

“I am confident that, with my formal education and now being a father to two boys, I am ready to be a much better representative and fighter for our community than we currently have.

“History shows that, as a councillor, I didn’t just go with the status quo, and that got me into lots of trouble.

“But for me, it’s simple – I will always be community-centred and connected.

“I will show up to community group meetings, attend meetings with individuals, and be their voice, not the Council’s voice.

“In terms of Caboolture West, we are at a crossroads, and I have the real qualifications to ensure we build a thriving community, not a dysfunctional quagmire.

“I have rolled my sleeves up for this community in the past, and now I am even more equipped to do it again.”

Wife Kerri Raedel echoed Adrian’s sentiments, stating that people frequently tell them that they are more active in and dedicated to the community than the current respective Councillors.

“As Division 3 Councillor, I will fight to empower community groups that are so undervalued,” Mrs Raedel said.

“I think the community fabric desperately needs to be rewoven from the ground up.

“A good start is community groups and events; Caboolture deserves a signature event that we can all be proud of.

“We have an opportunity to reimagine ourselves as a community that is strong and looks out for each other.”

In line with the Raedels’ commitment to being “Community Centred and Connected”, they have both published their phone number, so they can be contacted directly. Adrian’s phone number is 0491 630 198, and Kerri’s phone number is 0432 197 701.

The Raedel family are well known for putting on free community events such as movie nights and Easter egg hunts over many years.

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