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In response to our recent report on Cr Tony Latter’s referral to the Crime and Corruption Commission, a flurry of comments has flooded in, highlighting the significance of the issue.

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Emphasising our commitment to transparency, we have refrained from operating behind pseudonyms and have provided a clear byline for every article we publish.

Reflecting on a time when Caboolture boasted a robust news landscape comprising outlets such as Caboolture News, Northern Times, and the Caboolture Herald, it becomes apparent that a story of this nature would have garnered attention much sooner and reached a wider audience.

Despite the belief that this story should have surfaced long ago, we managed to publish it within 48 hours of obtaining official government correspondence documents. However, due to our limited resources, fully investigating every aspect of the story takes time.

Contrary to speculation, the funds utilised to promote awareness of this story do not originate from any third party. Similar to other news organisations like News LTD, we regularly conduct campaigns to increase public awareness of our reports.

It is essential to note that our reporting is based entirely on official government correspondence documents.

It’s worth mentioning that our team, operating under a different masthead, previously broke a similar story regarding Cr Tony Latter’s current opponent.

The recent revelations prompt questions about why Cr Tony Latter didn’t disclose these circumstances earlier. Furthermore, it begs an explanation as to why he supported changing the name from Moreton Bay Region to City of Moreton Bay despite opposition from the constituents he represents.

In conclusion, this news story undeniably serves the public interest, as affirmed by official government documents.

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