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In the upcoming City of Moreton Bay elections, Errol O’Brien, a long-time resident of Morayfield, has emerged as an independent candidate for the Division 12 councillor position. With a residency spanning 43 years, O’Brien believes he is the right person for the job.

While not affiliated with any political party, O’Brien stands firm on his commitment to represent the interests of Division 12 residents. His involvement as the Secretary of the Petersen Road North Neighbourhood Watch underscores his dedication to community service and safety. Notably, O’Brien pledges to steer clear of traditional campaign methods, opting against plastic election signs and printed How to Vote cards as part of his environmental contribution.

Identifying key issues plaguing Division 12, O’Brien highlights the neglect of rural areas and the adverse impacts of rapid development. “Country areas of Division 12 are forgotten,” he asserts, pointing to hazardous road conditions in Neurum, Bellthorpe, Mt Mee, Moorina, and Elimbah. Additionally, O’Brien raises concerns over development projects that displace wildlife, uproot trees, and strip away vital topsoil, leaving behind a sterile environment devoid of biodiversity.

In his vision for Division 12, O’Brien advocates for sustainable and vibrant communities, drawing inspiration from the UK’s allotment system. He envisions the establishment of community halls and gardens, fostering social cohesion and environmental stewardship.

Furthermore, O’Brien questions the allocation of funds by the Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) towards Olympic-related expenditures. As the division grapples with pressing issues such as infrastructure maintenance and environmental conservation, he calls for a reassessment of priorities to ensure taxpayer funds are utilized effectively.

O’Brien’s candidacy signals a grassroots approach to governance, prioritizing community engagement and environmental sustainability. As the campaign unfolds, Division 12 residents eagerly anticipate O’Brien’s detailed plans to address their concerns and pave the way for a brighter future.

The other two candidates are Councillor Tony Latter and Adrian Raedel.

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