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2023 Red Ride cohort.

City of Moreton Bay Councillor for Division 12, Tony Latter has announced the annual charity event, Red Ride once again.

Ride Against Domestic Violence, gears up for another enjoyable and impactful outing this year, featuring a family fun day alongside its motorcycle ride to raise funds and awareness for a significant cause.

“Join hundreds of motorbikes for this years Red Ride – Ride Against Domestic Violence for Red Ride 2024 – Say NO to Domestic Violence,” Cr Latter wrote on his Facebook page.

Scheduled to take place in the City of Moreton Bay, the event aims to rally against domestic violence, with all proceeds earmarked for distribution to local charity organisations aiding individuals affected by such issues within the region.

Enthusiastic supporters are encouraged to join the thrilling charity motorbike ride, where riders will traverse the open roads, championing the cause against domestic violence. Participants are urged to make a statement by wearing red attire, symbolising solidarity in the fight against domestic abuse.

Kickstarting the day, stands will be kicked up at 8:30 am, while registration and merchandise collection begin at 7:00 am, allowing ample time for attendees to enjoy breakfast and mingle before embarking on the ride.

For those preferring four wheels over two, a car show awaits, welcoming vintage, veteran, classic, or collectible cars. The event promises a feast for the eyes as participants showcase their prized vehicles, all while dressed in red to echo the event’s theme.

Back at the Show Grounds, a lively atmosphere awaits with music by the Plumbdogs and Community Radio 101.5FM, alongside the Bike and Car Show ‘N’ Shine. Families are in for a treat with entertainment options including a rock-climbing wall and activities for children.

Furthermore, attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about domestic violence through presentations and discussions, emphasising the importance of raising awareness and supporting affected individuals and families.

In a practical effort to aid those in need, the event encourages attendees to contribute to the cause by donating old mobile phones and chargers to ONE PHONE, ONE LIFE, a partner organisation dedicated to providing DV Safe Phones. All proceeds generated throughout the day will be channelled to nonprofit community organisations supporting domestic violence victims.

With an invitation extended to families and friends alike, the Red Ride charity event promises a memorable and impactful day at the Showgrounds, uniting communities in the fight against domestic violence.

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