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London’s Tower Bridge opening up.

Witnessing Tower Bridge in London open up to allow a passing boat through is an experience that etches itself into memory. Surrounded by a throng of onlookers, each one captivated by the seamless transformation of the bustling bridge into a majestic gateway for river traffic, it’s a sight to behold.

Tower Bridge stands as one of London’s most iconic architectural wonders, a fusion of Victorian and Neo-Gothic styles spanning the River Thames with its distinctive bascule and suspension design. Its twin towers linked by elevated walkways are emblematic of the city’s skyline.

While many associate Tower Bridge with its remarkable ability to part ways for passing vessels, few delve into the mechanics behind its operation. Initially envisioned as a drawbridge reminiscent of medieval fortifications by its architect Sir Horace Jones, the weight of the roadways proved too cumbersome for the towers to support.

The ingenious solution lay in the adoption of a bascule design. Derived from the French word for seesaw, each roadway pivots around a central point, akin to playground equipment. This balanced mechanism not only requires less energy to initiate the bridge’s opening but also alleviates stress on the supporting towers.

Photos From the Rest of the Day

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What a magnificent day! It began with a leisurely stroll through Hyde Park, where we made a point to explore Kensington Palace. From there, we ventured to Notting Hill, eagerly anticipating scones from our beloved scone shop—we’ve been eagerly awaiting this moment for a year.

Our journey continued to the Tower of London, where we were fortunate to witness the rare sight of the Tower Bridge opening to allow a paddle steamer to pass through. It was a truly remarkable experience.

Following that, we embarked on a breathtaking walk along the Thames, culminating in a visit to The Prospect of Whitby, the pub that sits at the pinnacle of our must-visit list. Needless to say, it exceeded all expectations.

By day’s end, we had logged an impressive 19,000 steps, covering a distance of 12 kilometres—a testament to the richness of our adventures.


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