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Wamuran Lions, a community organisation dedicated to supporting the residents of Wamuran and its surrounding areas, is gearing up for its most significant event yet, slated for August 3rd, 2024.

Established over seven years ago, the Wamuran Lions have consistently organised engaging activities aimed at fostering community spirit and providing assistance to those in need. These activities have included community BBQs, family fun days, Christmas fairs, movie nights, Santa lolly drops, sausage sizzles, and community markets.

All proceeds from these events have been instrumental in spreading joy and supporting families facing various challenges such as illness, chronic diseases, or difficult times.

Wamuran Lions President, Brian McAtee announced they are creating an all-new Wamuran Fruit Festival.

“The idea that we came up with was to set up a community run event for the community and that’s the big thing,” McAtee told JtA NEWS.

The upcoming event, the Wamuran Fruit Festival, promises to be a hallmark occasion, uniting the entire Wamuran community and its district. The festival will celebrate the agricultural, horticultural, manufacturing, maintenance, and retail sectors – all prevalent in the region.

Wamuran Lions Vice-President, Tanya Fitzpatrick explained: “Lots of people don’t realise how much is actually produced right here locally.”

In the weeks leading up to the festival, Wamuran Lions will engage students from Wamuran School in various projects, ensuring their involvement and excitement. On the day of the festival, children can enjoy activities such as face painting and numerous rides, catering to both the young and old.

Adults will have their share of fun with activities like Pineapple Throwing, Broom Throwing, Tug-of-war, and an iron man competition. Additionally, informative talks from the agriculture sector will enlighten attendees on the processes behind producing quality fruit and vegetables in the area.

Children will also have their share of activities, including athletic events.

Music will create a vibrant atmosphere, complemented by numerous market stalls scattered throughout the park.

The event is looking for sponsors who will enjoy many benefits. Sponsors will receive recognition through various channels, including social media, festival signage, ground displays, and mentions throughout the day on the PA system.

The Wamuran Lions urge the community to show their support for this significant event, emphasising the importance of a collective effort in making it a memorable celebration for all.

For further information or to get involved, take a look at the Wamuran Lions Facebook page.

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