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Raedel family ready for Easter egg hunts once again.

In a festive announcement that has become a treasured tradition in the City of Moreton Bay, the Raedel family declared their plans to host the 14th edition of the Raedel Easter Egg Hunt events. Promising the largest Easter egg hunt adventure yet, the Raedel family aims to bring joy and excitement to families across the region.

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Reflecting on the remarkable journey of the past 14 years, Adrian Raedel reminisced about the humble beginnings of the event.

“It all started so small 14 years ago, but has grown into events that see thousands coming out of their homes to enjoy our local parks,” Raedel explained. “I’ve been involved in many events like this, and what remains consistent is the way our community comes together, gets active, and celebrates in our local green spaces.”

Kerri Raedel emphasised the significant effort involved in orchestrating such a massive event.

“This is a monumental undertaking that fosters connections that might not otherwise be made,” said Raedel. “At the core of our efforts lies the empowerment of numerous local grassroots community groups, bringing families out of their homes to create lasting memories together.

“Regardless of life’s challenges, it’s events like this that instil hope for a brighter tomorrow in Moreton Bay.”

To ensure that every child has the opportunity to participate in the festivities and claim their share of Easter eggs and prizes, registration is essential. The Raedel family encourages all interested families to sign up and join in the celebration of community, activity, and joy this Easter season.

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