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In a Christmas message to the community, Christina Wellwood, deputy principal of St. Michael’s College, Caboolture, extended warm wishes for a safe and merry Christmas, coupled with hopes for a fantastic New Year.

Deputy Principal Wellwood expressed gratitude for the unwavering support from the community received throughout the year.

“I’d also like to thank you all for all your continued support throughout the year, to acknowledge the hard work of the Parents and Friends (P and F) all of the contributions that they make,” Deputy Principal Wellwood says in the video above.

Central to her message was the acknowledgment of the P and F group, commending their hard work and emphasising the value of parent involvement. Having been part of a P and F meeting herself, Deputy Principal Wellwood found the experience invaluable and encouraged other parents to join, believing that their ideas could significantly contribute to the school’s improvement.

Deputy Principal Wellwood also extended appreciation to the dedicated board members working behind the scenes to support the senior executive team. She recognised the indispensable role of the office staff, without whom the school would not function smoothly.

Expressing gratitude to the tuck shop convener and groundsmen, Deputy Principal Wellwood highlighted their crucial contributions to the school, ensuring that students are well-fed and have beautiful grounds to play in.

The message concluded with a big thank you to the parent community for their support, making the St. Michael’s College fair a resounding success. Deputy Principal Wellwood underscored that the funds raised from the fair directly benefit the college, ensuring a brighter future for the students.

Looking ahead to 2024, Deputy Principal Wellwood assured parents that St. Michael’s College would continue to embrace its students, treating them as part of a larger family. She encouraged families to take time to reflect on the year and spend quality time together, underlining the sense of community at the college.

As the year comes to a close, the St. Michael’s College community eagerly anticipates another year of growth, learning, and creating cherished memories together.


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