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In a Christmas message, Ann Rebgetz, the principal of St James College in Spring Hill, Brisbane, extended warm wishes for the festive season while reflecting on a year filled with achievements and exciting developments.

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy Christmas,” Principal Rebgetz says in the video above.

The college had a remarkable year, marked by hosting the Queensland Independent Secondary Schools Netball Carnival. Notably, St James College secured victories, with the boy’s team emerging as champions and the girls dominating in Division Three. The school’s commitment to diversity and inclusion shone through, earning them the prestigious title of Netball School of the Year.

Further accolades came with the recognition at the Australian Training Awards in School Pathways in Vocational Education and Training. St James College was named the overall winner, a testament to their excellence, equity, and innovative approach to career exploration. Judges commended the school for exposing year five students to various career possibilities, emphasising a forward-thinking vision.

Looking ahead to 2024, the college is poised for excitement with the opening of a new art centre specialising in visual and creative arts. This facility will also house a new hairdressing salon and a Health Science precinct, demonstrating the institution’s commitment to a holistic approach to education.

The expansion of music and instrumental programs, coupled with a focus on expressive arts and dance, showcases St James College’s dedication to providing diverse pathways for students. The school takes pride in its sports excellence programs, with achievements in netball and basketball, boasting high-performance coaches at the state and national levels.

As the Christmas season approaches, Principal Rebgetz expressed the universal values of love, care, family, and inclusion, drawing parallels between the festive celebrations and the school’s ethos. St James College is indeed closing the year on a high note, reflecting on achievements and looking forward to a promising and innovative 2024.


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