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In a message to the community, Kellie Jacobsen, Principal of St Francis Xavier (SFX) Catholic Primary School, Goodna, Queensland, shares the essence of the Easter journey and the transformative power it holds for both students and educators alike.

Principal Jacobsen emphasised the symbolic significance of the “caterpillar story”, drawing parallels between the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly and the spiritual growth experienced during Easter. She noted how children readily grasp this analogy, connecting it to the sense of joy and liberation inherent in the Easter season.

“It is a beautiful time of our liturgical year,” Principal Jacobsen says in the video above.

Expressing pride in her school’s community, Principal Jacobsen commended the dedication of the teachers and staff who go above and beyond to support the well-being and learning of their students. She underscored the school’s ethos of collective responsibility, likening it to the proverbial village that collaboratively nurtures and raises children.

At SFX, personalised attention is paramount. Principal Jacobsen emphasised the importance of knowing each student by name, understanding their individual learning needs, and forging strong partnerships with their families. She highlighted the school’s commitment to fostering every child’s unique talents, while providing support in areas of difficulty, ultimately empowering them to become confident and successful individuals.

Principal Jacobsen invites families to explore the school’s diverse facilities, dedicated staff, and cohesive leadership team, all united in their commitment to student success. With a blend of passion and pride, she extends a warm welcome to those considering SFX as the ideal educational home for their children.


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