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Since 2016, we have been live streaming the Queensland Independent Secondary Schools Netball (QISSN) tournament.

Our goal has been to deliver high-quality, state-of-the-art live streams for friends and family members who are unable to attend the competition. However, the most fulfilling and significant achievement has been the engagement of our commentators each year.

Leading Engagement Solutions – “We solve school related challenges every day, by partnering with your team.” – Is an official QISSN broadcast partner.

Our commentary team comprises young netball players, referees, coaches, and other members of the game teams. Many of them have never spoken into a microphone before, let alone commentated a netball game. Yet, time and time again, we witness shy and timid voices transform into confident and authoritative professionals. This experience has a profound impact on each individual who takes on the challenge.

First and foremost, it allows them to develop their communication and public speaking skills, fostering confidence and clarity. Commentating demands quick thinking and adaptability, sharpening their ability to respond on the spot. It also provides an opportunity to deepen their knowledge and passion for the sport as they analyse and offer insights to the audience.

Working alongside experienced commentators who have been with us for years, these individuals learn the ropes of teamwork and collaboration. It’s amazing to see young students grow up and return as a teacher, coach, or referee – wishing to continue their commentating adventure with us.

Schools have strongly encouraged their students to give commentating with us at QISSN a go, with one saying to their students that these days in sport, “if you want to be an elite athlete, you need to learn how to effectively public speak.”

Ultimately, this opportunity instils a sense of responsibility, leadership, and a genuine love for sports, potentially paving the way for future careers in sports journalism or broadcasting.


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    “Goal tending will no longer be allowed. Players will not be able to deflect a shot once the ball is on a downward flight towards ring, including touching the ball up through the net.“

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