Why Join the Adventure (JtA)? JtA is a community of like-minded people, who are interested in experiencing life and making a positive mark on the world.

This means embracing new experiences, pushing boundaries, and being up for the challenge. It’s also about seeking out the thrill of the adventure, taking the road less travelled, and appreciating the journey. “The world is one big adventure – DARE to go there!®”

Today, we boldly faced the biting cold wind to embark on one final exploration of Soho, a cherished destination of ours.

Afterwards, we fearlessly plunged into the bustling crowds and delved into the vibrant chaos of m&m’s world! It was an absolute whirlwind—overflowing with people, noise, and an explosion of colours!

Later in the day, we indulged in the elegance of high tea aboard a cruise along the River Thames. The delightful combination of delicious scones, picturesque views, and amusing commentary made for unforgettable moments.

Totting up to 12,000 steps and covering 8 kilometres of walking, it was quite an adventure!

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