In a heartfelt address, Kerry Maher, the principal of Mt Maria College Petrie, bid farewell to a remarkable year, encapsulated by achievements, celebrations, and a strong sense of community.

As the academic year draws to a close, Principal Maher expressed pride in the accomplishments of the students and the unwavering support from parents and staff.

Traditionally, the final term at Mt Maria College Petrie is bustling with activity, highlighted by the joyous celebration of year 12 graduation. Principal Maher extended her best wishes to the graduating class, recounting the emotional ceremonies filled with tears of joy, laughter, and nostalgic storytelling about their time at the college.

The culmination of the year was marked by the successful completion of the Year 12 external exams, allowing students to face the future with optimism, knowing they had given their best. The Evening of Excellence, held at the Colby Sports Centre, brought the community together to applaud student achievements across various aspects of their education.

Reflecting on 2023, Principal Maher emphasised the college’s commitment to Marist values – family spirit, love of work, presence, simplicity, and the way of Mary. These values, Principal Maher believes, have forged a strong sense of community at Mt Maria College Petrie.

Throughout the year, the college prioritised family engagement, recognising its positive impact on academic and well-being outcomes. Principal Maher expressed gratitude to parents, carers, and the Parent Engagement Advisory Group for their unwavering support, underscoring the importance of strong partnerships between home and school.

As the year concludes, Principal Maher extended warm wishes for a holy and joyous Christmas and New Year. She encouraged families to cherish moments with loved ones, make fond memories, and look forward to a return in 2024. Principal Maher closed with appreciation for the dedication of the staff, ensuring students receive the guidance and support needed for their educational journey.

Mt Maria College Petrie now anticipates the return of students in 2024, building upon the successes and spirit that defined the remarkable year of 2023.


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