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We embarked on a delightful journey to Cambridge, UK! Boarding the train at Kings Cross, we arrived in Cambridge to find splendid weather, we took this opportunity to enjoy the unusual feeling of not wearing our jackets while the sun was out.

We strolled through the charming town, admiring its picturesque buildings, stumbling upon bustling street markets where we indulged in pastries. Of course, no visit would be complete without a pause at a riverside pub along the tranquil River Cam.

Feeling adventurous, we opted for a punt on the river, which proved both exhilarating and enlightening. Hot tip: When choosing a punt, seek out a good tour guide, the history and funny anecdotes will definitely impress you and captivate your imagination.

A punt is a shallow-draft vessel characterised by its flat-bottomed design and squared-off bow, primarily intended for navigating small rivers and shallow waters. Punting involves operating a punt, with the punter using a long pole to propel the boat by pushing against the riverbed. Originally utilised as cargo carriers and platforms for activities like fowling and fishing, such as angling, punts have transitioned to being primarily used for leisure boating today.

Our explorations tallied up 19,000 steps, covering 12 kilometers of unforgettable experiences.

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