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Today marks election day in the City of Moreton Bay, but only a handful of divisions have the opportunity to exercise their democratic right as the mayor and most councillors run uncontested, solidifying the status quo.

JtA NEWS has directed its focus to contested Division 3 and Division 12, where all five candidates across both divisions present a mix of strengths and weaknesses, ultimately benefiting the residents.

While compulsory voting in Australia is sometimes viewed as a burden, it ensures a broader representation of society in the electoral process. This compels politicians to appeal to a wider spectrum of voters, leading to a theoretically more inclusive representation in governments like City of Moreton Bay Council.

However, the dearth of well-financed, independent, and competitive journalism in the City of Moreton Bay is glaringly evident. Just as uncontested divisions are detrimental to democracy, so is the absence of robust journalistic competition. Competitive journalism serves as a vital watchdog, holding those in power accountable and fostering transparency within the community.

Addressing this issue necessitates a collective appreciation and valuing of critical thinking, which is essential for keeping our community informed and ensuring a vibrant democracy. And above all, good journalism gives those that require it, a well-articulated voice.

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