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St Mary’s School, Laidley enrolments for Prep 2025 are officially open, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the educational journey of young learners. The primary school is set for yet another year of academic growth and development.

  • What: St Mary’s School, Laidley Prep Open Morning.
  • When: Friday, 3 May at 9am.
  • Where: St Mary’s Primary School in Laidley – see map below.
  • Registration: ESSENTIAL – click here.

The school extends an invitation to parents and guardians to attend a Prep Open Morning Friday, 3 May at 9am. This is an opportunity to meet the principal, tour the school classrooms, take a look at the cutting-edge facilities, and get your education related questions answered.

With limited places available, registration is essential. So, go to https://jta.link/SMSL to reserve your place.

Prep is significant in laying the groundwork for future academic achievements, St Mary’s School, Laidley underscores its role in nurturing not just cognitive abilities, but also vital social and emotional skills essential for life’s challenges.

Prospective parents and guardians are urged not to overlook the opportunity to secure a place for their children in Prep for the upcoming academic year. With limited spaces and the commitment to developing a bright and promising future for young learners, the school encourages families to embark on this thrilling adventure by registering for the Prep Open Morning now.

In a bid to shape a generation of well-rounded individuals, the school welcomes all eager participants to join them in this exciting educational endeavour.


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