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Cultural Performances

Panel Discussion

St James College commemorated International Women’s Day in a resplendent showcase of unity and empowerment, captivating over 300 attendees from both the local community and the school itself. At the core of the event was a panel discussion, moderated by Ellen Fanning, an ABC journalist and parent within the St James community.

The panel convened a diverse array of perspectives, blending the youthful insights of college captains Shakinah Faialaga and Nahed Adam with the seasoned wisdom and inspiration of three prominent women in various industries. Professor Jennifer MacLeod, a physicist, urged girls to embrace the realm of physics, portraying it not merely as a science, but as a creative endeavour crucial for addressing society’s complex challenges.

Ann-Maree David, the Executive Director of The College of Law, shed light on the landscape of legal careers, underscoring the opportunities available, especially for those embarking on a second career. She emphasised the multifaceted avenues to success within the legal profession, igniting inspiration among the audience.

Kirsty Jarrett, Education Program Manager at the Brisbane Broncos, delved into the uncharted territory of the sports industry’s hidden job market for women. She highlighted career prospects beyond traditional roles as players or coaches, showcasing opportunities in sports management, sponsorship, community engagement, and health.

“I’m thrilled about the prospects for women in this industry,” Kirsty remarked.

Acting Principal Kristina Johnson expressed her sentiments about the event, describing it as both moving and thought-provoking.

“Embracing a strong spirit of unity and empowerment, the day resonated with the theme of International Women’s Day, inspiring inclusion,” Acting Principal Johnson said.

The celebration featured dance performances by various cultural groups within the college and was complemented by catering provided by the student hospitality team. The event embodied the ethos of inclusivity and empowerment, encapsulating the vibrant spirit of St James College.

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