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With just one week left until tickets go on sale, anticipation is building for the 2024 Abbey Medieval Festival. Scheduled for April 10th at 10 am, eager attendees are urged to set their alarms for the highly anticipated event.

The festival organisers have emphasised the importance of acting swiftly to secure tickets at first release prices, as once these are sold out, prices will revert to final release rates. Tickets will be available on the ticket page of the festival’s website.

Several key points have been highlighted for attendees to keep in mind:

– VIP Tickets are in extremely high demand and tend to sell out within minutes.

– Tickets for the Friday Family Fun Day will be sold through a separate link.

– Attendees should remember to add their desired Joust session at the time of booking, as these tickets are known to sell out quickly.

– Preordering a Program and the 2024 Collector Pin for pick up at the festival is an option.

– On the day of the ticket release, the festival office will be unable to assist with ticket inquiries. Attendees are advised to contact Ticketebo directly at 1800 381 939.

Furthermore, tickets for additional festival events, such as the Medieval Banquet, Kids Dig It Medieval Week, and Knighting Ceremony, will be released at a later date, around early May.

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