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In a decisive expression of public endorsement, the residents of the City of Moreton Bay have cast their votes, signalling a resounding victory for all contesting incumbent councillors in the region.

Among the notable victories, Division 2 Councillor Mark Booth emerges with cult like rockstar status, securing an impressive 86% of the votes. His opponent, Gregory Dillon, lagged far behind with just under 14% of the vote tally at the time of this report.

In a shift within the council, the only newcomer to join the ranks of the City of Moreton Bay council is Jim Moloney, who successfully contested Division 8. This transition follows the retirement of Division 8 incumbent, Cr Mick Gillam, who opted not to seek re-election in this cycle.

The preliminary results paint a picture of overwhelming support for the incumbent councillors and the mayor, indicating a vote of confidence from the residents of the City of Moreton Bay in their leadership. As the final tallies are tabulated, it becomes increasingly evident that the electorate has endorsed the current administration, providing a strong mandate for their leadership and vision.

Electoral Commission Queensland (ECQ) will continue to update results until counting is eventually finalised over the coming weeks.

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