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It is not every day that you have a beer under hanging bedpans, but this was the case for us at the Churchill Arms pub.

Join the Adventure headed to this pub after our Notting Hill Adventure, and the Churchill Arms proved to be full of charm.

Bedpans hang from the ceiling as you drink and chat below!

It is one of the oldest and most historically significant pubs in London, United Kingdom (UK), the Churchill Arms was constructed in 1750. In the 1800s, the grandparents of Winston Churchill frequented the establishment, leading to its naming after World War Two. Upon entering today, visitors will discover Churchill memorabilia adorning the walls, ceilings, and benches.

Furthermore, the pub boasts additional noteworthy achievements, including its stunning floral arrangements that have earned it the distinction of being among the few pubs to have won the Chelsea Flower Show. Oh, and in one section of the pub, the ceiling is lined with hanging bedpans!

Apparently, the pub hung a few random bedpans, then members of the public started bringing in their bedpans to contribute to the collection.

As we sat taking in the pub’s unique ambience, we savoured the rich, smooth taste of the English beer and were charmed by the friendly hospitality of the staff!

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