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We went on an adventure to Portobello Road, Notting Hill, London in the United Kingdom (UK), to check out the world-famous markets.

London Buses double-decker red bus top deck.

To get there, we went on a London Buses double-decker red bus for the first time. As you would when it is your first time, we went to the top deck and sat in the front seats. This meant we had so much to take in during the trip, from the chaotic traffic that somehow moves perfectly, to the many stunning historic buildings.

The bus itself was very modern and comfortable, it was also smooth in the way it swiftly moved around the London streets. In fact, we felt like we had paid for an ordinary bus ride but got first-class tour seats to see the city in all its glory.

UK man in a clock!

After the thrilling bus ride, we took a short walk to the markets, now these aren’t any ordinary markets.

The Portobello Road Market and Golborne Road Market in Notting Hill, London has a rich history of over 150-years and is widely recognised as one of the world’s most iconic street markets.

These markets boasts a remarkable range of goods, from antique and bric-a-brac stalls to fashion, food, crafts, books, and music. With hundreds of vendors offering old and new items, we saw that you can find just about anything you could possibly desire from any markets, while also enjoying a diverse selection of mouth-watering street food from around the globe.

Every Friday and Saturday, the market stalls stretch for a mile (1.6 kilometres) along Portobello Road and continue around the corner onto Golborne Road. Sunday is also a bustling day, and the market’s stalls and shops remain open every day of the week, except on Thursday afternoons when the shops are open, but no stalls are trading.

While we were at the markets, we did try the lemon and sugar crépes and they are hands down the best! They were freshly cooked and still steaming hot on a rather cold day, and the scent of tangy lemon hit before having the chance to taste how juicy they were.

But the crépes weren’t the only memorable element to this experience, taking in the beauty of the streets that this is all in also provided immense pleasure. We started from the high end at Notting Hill Gate, which meant we could look down across the huge crowd of people enjoying the markets. And we could also see the striking buildings lining the road, that have stood the test of time.

I’m sure these historic buildings have many stories to tell.

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