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The 2023 BPW Caboolture and Surrounds Business Showcase.

The 2023 BPW Caboolture and Surrounds Business Showcase saw an impressive turnout of local businesses and community members, who came together to participate in this business-to-business and business-to-community event.

The business-to-business and business-to-community event was also attended and supported by Hon Dianne (Di) Farmer, Minister for Employment and Small Business, Minister for Training and Skills Development and Minister for Youth Justice; Hon Mark Ryan, Minister for Police and Corrective Services and Minister for Fire and Emergency Services; Mr Terry Young MP, Member for Longman; and Councillor Adam Hain, Moreton Bay Regional Councillor for Division 3.

The event, aimed at promoting and celebrating local businesses, played a pivotal role in fostering connections within the community. Attendees praised the initiative, emphasising its significance for small local businesses. One business owner remarked, “This type of event for us is imperative.”

By creating an environment that encourages collaboration and networking, the showcase facilitated valuable business-to-business interactions, enabling local business owners to forge new partnerships and explore growth opportunities. Another business participant shared their experience, stating, “It gets businesses together, it gets them out in front of everyone, it allows us to connect with our community.”

Meanwhile, BPW Caboolture Lifetime Member, Joy Leishman, rationalised that the success of the expo was down to local businesses getting behind the event.

“The real heroes are the stall holders who were with us last year, have followed us this year and, of course, we have so many more,” Leishman said in the video above. “That’s the real true legends of the expo.”

The positive feedback from local businesses and community members underscores the importance of initiatives like the BPW Caboolture and Surrounds Business Showcase. By offering a platform for businesses to thrive and encouraging engagement between local business owners, these events contribute to the growth and vitality of the local business community.

Hero Businesses:

1 North Harbour

3 UniSC Caboolture

4 Changing Seasons Consultancy

5 Toastmasters

6 R&W Caboolture

7 Respite with Linda

8 Nancy Jayne Body Solutions

9 By Chloe

10 Spider Boxing Club

11 Kayz Charmz

12 Independent Consultant The Body Shop

13 Poolwerx

14 JC Estate Mentors

15 Spinal Life Australia

16 Purple Unicorn Marketing Academy

17 Disruptive Publishing

18 Beyond the Maze

19 Starfish Scarborough

20 Ozwool Sheepskin

21 Caboolture Bookkeeping

22 Vibrant Family Chiropractic

23 Playtech Australia

24 Chilli Coffee

25 No Lights No Lycra

26 SoulCrystalEarth

27 Connect Within

28 Your Brand Management / Norwex

29 Dance Mania / Positive Signs

30 Liberty Advisor Steven Cox

31 Thryve Counselling and Wellbeing

32 Independent Flavourista Consultant

33 Westpac

34 Terry Young Member for Longman

35 Inception Network Australia

36 Extreme Nutrition

37 Mini Farm Project

38 Rotary / Probus Caboolture

39 Independent Lorraine Linen Stylist

40 Boogie Bounce

41 Tribe Energy

42 Business Chamber of Queensland

43 QLD Wildlife Rescue

44 Crendon Creative

45 Sue Norwex


47 Succeed Healthcare Solutions

48 Inception Network Australia

49 New Age Body Corporate Management

50 Sweet Peanuts

51 Panel Pro

52 Moreton Bay Regional Council

53 BPW Caboolture

54 Hive Progressive Fitness

55 Enterprise & Training Company

57 Kiss the Bride

58 Glow in Wellness Massage Therapy

59 Loud Loans

60 Joyous Jams

61 The Gratitude Method

62 Caboolture Woodcrafters

63 Traditional Funerals

64 Tess Merlin author of Rank

65 Red Dragon Martial Arts

66 Assist First Aid

67 Friends of Lagoon Creek

68 MS Allure

69 Sean Gordon OAM Coaching

70 Adaptive Clothing Australia


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