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In a remarkable turn of events at the recent local government elections in the City of Moreton Bay, five councillors and the mayor ran uncontested, saying, “You can’t do better than that.”

However, Division 2 Councillor, Mark Booth, fondly known as ‘Boothy’, decided to up the ante, clad in his trademark bright pink shorts and crocs, declaring, “Hold my beer.”

Channelling his inner cult-like rockstar, Boothy ingeniously turned his opponent into a propellant for his campaign, rallying voters to his cause and securing an impressive 86% plus of the votes.

Not to be outdone by the rest of Division 2, the residents of Burpengary East catapulted Boothy’s success even further, propelling him to a staggering 92% plus of the votes at their local polling booth, all while the other councillors made sure Boothy’s beer froth didn’t spill.

In fact, Boothy was so effective at the polling booth, his influence overflowed to other councillors seeking re-election.

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