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The Caboolture and Morayfield ANZAC Day Dawn Service and Main Service will be livestreamed here.

This livestream is in partnership with 101.5FM – Moreton Bays Own Radio Station and made possible with the support of Caboolture Bus Lines.

In Caboolture’s heart, on ANZAC Day’s dawn,
Whispers of history, solemnly drawn.
Beneath the gum’s shadow, memories rise,
Echoes of courage, under the skies.

Men and women, in uniform arrayed,
Their sacrifice honored, never to fade.
Ancestors’ valor, in stories retold,
In the tapestry of bravery, they’ve sewn and they’ve sold.

From trenches afar to these quiet streets,
Their spirit endures, where reverence meets.
With poppies in hand, and bugles’ refrain,
We honor their courage, amidst loss and pain.

In Caboolture’s embrace, on this hallowed ground,
Their legacy cherished, profound and unbound.
For freedom they stood, in unwavering might,
In Caboolture’s heart, we remember their light.

Caboolture ANZAC Dawn Service

Caboolture ANZAC Main Service

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