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Wells Cathedral is an Anglican cathedral in WellsSomersetEngland.

Join the Adventure embarked on an adventure and hit the road to discover the charming city of Wells. We marvelled at the awe-inspiring architecture of Wells Cathedral, one of the most remarkable landmarks in England, and strolled along the historic streets that offer a glimpse into the city’s rich history. With its picturesque scenery and fascinating attractions, Wells is the perfect destination for an unforgettable road trip.

Wells, situated in Somerset, England, is a civil parish and cathedral city that has held city status since the medieval era due to the presence of Wells Cathedral. Despite often being referred to as England’s smallest city, it is actually second in size and population to the City of London, but is distinct in that it is not part of a larger urban agglomeration.

The name “Wells” is derived from three wells dedicated to Saint Andrew, one located in the marketplace and two within the grounds of the Bishop’s Palace and cathedral. These wells were surrounded by a small Roman settlement, which gained significance and grew in size during the Anglo-Saxon period when King Ine of Wessex founded a minster church there in 704. The community became a centre for cloth-making and is renowned for its involvement in both the English Civil War and the Monmouth Rebellion during the 17th century. In the 19th century, the city’s transport infrastructure improved with the addition of railway stations on three different lines. However, since 1964, the city has been without a railway link.

The cathedral and its associated religious and medieval architectural history provide much of the employment opportunities in Wells. The city offers a diverse range of sporting and cultural activities, and is home to several schools, including The Blue School, a state coeducational comprehensive school established in 1641, and the private Wells Cathedral School, one of five musical schools in the United Kingdom for school-age children, possibly founded as early as 909. Thanks to its historic architecture, Wells has been used as a filming location for numerous films and television programmes.

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