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Students, faculty, and the community of St Thomas More College, Sunnybank congregated to commemorate the school’s five-decade journey in shaping young minds since its establishment in 1974.

In a momentous event held at the college oval, attendees were graced by the presence of five former principals as they partook in a traditional smoking ceremony, signifying respect for the college’s Indigenous heritage. The ceremony was followed by a community Mass and anniversary celebration.

Principal Les Conroy, addressing the gathering, reflected on the enduring impact of the college and emphasised the pivotal role current students play in perpetuating its legacy.

“Together with your journey, your story, we create a new story,” remarked Principal Conroy, encapsulating the spirit of continuity and evolution.

Former students, educators, and families were extended a warm invitation to reconnect with the college and participate in the array of anniversary festivities planned throughout the year. As St Thomas More College celebrates its golden jubilee, it stands as a testament to the power of education and community, forging ahead into the future while cherishing its rich history.

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