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Join the Adventure headed to St. Michael’s Mount, which is an enchanting island destination that is steeped in history, change and romance.

The 12th-century Benedictine Priory, established as a daughter house of Mont St. Michel in Normandy, is just one of the fascinating facets of this location. St. Michael’s Mount is a curious amalgam of a dwelling, religious sanctuary, and fortified stronghold that was a significant pilgrimage destination in the Middle Ages. It has since undergone several transformations, from a fortress to a residence, thanks to the St. Aubin family after the Civil War.

The castle itself boasts cosy family quarters adorned with artworks by Gainsborough and other renowned artists. The former refectory of the priory, now the Chevy Chase Room, features a 17th-century frieze that depicts hunting scenes. The dwelling also houses a weaponry collection, Chippendale furniture, and 18th-century attire that belonged to the St. Aubin family.

On the island’s slopes beneath the castle, visitors can find a picturesque, terraced garden brimming with subtropical flora.

Access to the island is available by boat or by traversing the lengthy causeway that appears during low tide. A steep climb leads to the dwelling itself.

We parked at the nearby carpark, walked the causeway, then paused for lunch which was made up of the most tasty Cornish pasties. After finishing lunch, we climbed to the top of the island’s peak, where we were met by an imposing castle of impressive stature.

This castle is interesting from the perspective that it is evident it has evolved over time through numerous redevelopments across different eras, impacted by a wide range of influences and building styles.

This eclectic range of styles adds to the experience, coupled with the captivating historical artefacts and stunning 360 degree views.

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