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Sister V personally invites past students, their friends and families to a reunion celebration event.

St. Michael’s College, Caboolture is celebrating 40-years as a community centred primary school.

As part of the celebrations throughout the year, there will be a 40th Anniversary Reunion, to be held at the college Saturday, 3 June 2023.

Well loved community and college identity, Sister Veronica, affectionately known as Sister V, has personally invited past students and their families to the reunion.

“We are celebrating 40-years of being at St. Michael’s College, and we are having a reunion of all past students and their families, their mums, and dads, who I know very well, on the 3rd of June,” Sister V explained in an invite video.

“In the early days, the school started in the farmhouse, and then in 1986 the campus was just one building and a toilet block.

“But over the years, over the 40-years, we have an amazing campus.

“But you know what?” Sister V rhetorically asked.

“The feeling’s still there.

“Those emphasis on values, being together, connecting as a community, feeling nurtured and cared for, learning to love learning and be respectful to everything around you, in your families, your peers at school and your teachers.

“So, there’ll be staff there and we’ll all really have a great time just connecting with those wonderful memories of when you were here from Grade 1 to Grade 7, or maybe at preschool, maybe part of those seven years that you’re at St. Michaels.”

Sister V went on to talk about what she is most looking forward to at the intimate event.

“I’m looking forward to hearing your stories and the impact that maybe the memories that you have here at St. Michael’s had on your entire life,” Sister V pondered.

“I hear from many students who are here now with their own children, and they can still remember that great feeling of belonging to a house and belonging to the choir or having time at lunchtime, sports days, carnivals, cross countries, all those wonderful memories of just having a sense of belonging.

“I’d like to hear how all that has impacted on your life as an adult.”

Over the 40-years, a huge amount of photos have been taken, many of which have never been seem because they were taken before digital photography.

“There’s memory lane for everybody,” Sister V expressed her excitement.

“We’ve got hundreds of photos, still trying to sort it into 40 boxes of each year.

“So, we have an archival sort of record of the very early days when photos were taken in the farmhouse to now in what we do in yearbooks.

“There’s lots of memories there, but there’ll be photos that you can ponder over and have a laugh at and see yourself as a child at school and connect with those feelings that you had when you were at St Michael’s as a student.

“And this is why we are actually promoting our 40-years, because we want as many past students to come along, so that we can have fun together, and you can meet your classmates and talk about where you’ve been in your lives, what you’ve done.

“You’ve probably created many stories in your own lives that we’ll all like to share.”

Bookings for this event are essential, so planning and the number of food trucks available will be adequate – REGISTER NOW – https://jta.link/SMCReunion.

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