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Principal Ann Rebgetz welcomes in the new school year.

St James College Principal, Ann Rebgetz spoke with Join the Adventure about the inner-city high school taking in coeducational Year 5 and Year 6 for the first time.

“I’m standing in our Year 5-6 classroom, and in 2023 we have extended our educational brief to provide an education for Year 5 and 6,” Principal Ann Rebgetz says in the video.

“So, we now are a school that caters from Year 5 to 12.

“So, in so doing, I welcome all of our new students to the college.

“I welcome back our existing students and our families to the college and our carers and all of the community who support this wonderful institution.”

Further, the school is excited to offer students a diverse education with many programs and resources, and partnerships with industry, such as a hospital ward for students interested in health.

“They (students) have the wonderful access to all of our resources and our facilities in such a range of subjects and offerings that we have at the school, and incredible partnerships with industry,” Principal Rebgetz explained.

“So, for example, in our Santiago building, we have a whole hospital ward.

“So, if they’re interested in health, they’ll get exposed to that from year five onwards.

“And so, they get to immerse themselves in various areas.

“Whether it’s a wonderful trade skills centre, which has engineering, carpentry and furnishings and robotics, to our creative art centre, to our science STEM laboratories.

“So, whatever it is, they will have access to that from year five or six, depending on which level they’ve come into and be able to enjoy and find their pathways.

“And it might be many pathways, because as we know, the world is changing very quickly.

“So, being multi credentialed is so important.

“We have an advanced academy sport program that’s commencing where we’ll see our rugby students in year 10 and 11 who are in their excellence program in physical education have a partnership with TAFE and the Queensland Reds.

“So, there’s so many possibilities in terms of whichever area it is to find their niche and for them to develop and mature as young adults through this journey of independence, in terms of schooling at Jimmys, or as we affectionately know it.”

The school also has a diverse student population, with 70% of students coming from various countries around the world, which helps prepare students for the workforce of the future.

This is coupled with the college having a strong focus on tourism and hospitality, in preparation for the Olympics in 2032.

“We have 70% of our students that come from various countries around the world,” Principal Rebgetz continued.

“That means many languages are spoken, and many cultures are shared and work together.

“So, this is the number one quality for the workforce for the future, is understanding diversity.

“So, in coming to St James, your child will learn from experience and being immersed in those relationships…

“Earlier this week, we had a speaker from the hotel and hospitality industry address all of our staff.

“So, why would we do that?

“Well, we’re a gateway school in tourism and hospitality.

“The expansion in Brisbane in terms of the Olympics coming in 2032, we’re onto that now about what are the possibilities for our students.”

The college continues to enjoy great success in academia and other programs, with staff receiving widespread recognition for their work.

“In terms of our ATAR program and our academic success, very high,” Principal Rebgetz exclaimed.

“We’ve had students accepted into the highest possible courses at UQ.

“So, just in terms of that, we know we can get the best possible outcomes for students, but it’s what we add onto that in terms of the community from within and the cultural and creative arts expression, plus the community from without, and how we are able to bring that together.”

The college is holding an Enrolment Information Evening, which you can register for by going to https://jta.link/sjc.

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