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The slideshow shown at the celebration.

The Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology has enjoyed the unwavering service of Edith Cuffe for more than 30-years.

At a celebration of this dedicated service, community leaders, politicians, friends, and family attended to show their gratitude for the impact Edith has had on the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology organisation and the wider community.

This impact has included navigating the Abbey Medieval Festival to become the most iconic event in the Moreton Bay Region.

Edith Cuffe cuts the cake.

Coupled with this dedication, Edith has approached everything she has done with unparalleled humility.

During the celebration, master of ceremonies, Paul Garcia recounted the first time he met Edith.

“About 15 years ago I just moved here (Moreton Bay Region) and my job hadn’t started yet, so somebody said there’s some festival up the road, maybe they need some help,” Mr Garcia explained.

“So, before I knew it, I was out on some paddock sewing hessian in the fence.

“And as a volunteer (was) next to me, I said, ‘hi, I’m Paul. Are you one of the volunteers here?’.

“And she says, ‘No, I’m Edith, I’m the director of the museum’.

“Well, I’ll never forget that defining moment as it laid the foundation for a friendship that I will cherish to this day.

“Eddie’s humble demeanour and ability to do whatever it takes has taken the museum from strength to strength and is the reason it’s where it is today.”

Along with Queensland Minister for Police and Corrective Services and Minister for Fire and Emergency Services, Mark Ryan, Federal Member of Parliament, Terry Young, Queensland State Member of Parliament, Ali King, Moreton Bay Regional Councillor for Division 1, Brooke Savige also spoke.

“It is under her (Edith) careful watch that the museum has become the thriving tourist attraction that it is today,” Cr Savige said in her speech.

“At the entrance to the Abbey Museum you will find a quote that I want to share with you.

“It says, ‘Amazing things happen when we work together.’

“And indeed, amazing things do happen.

“Council and the Abbey Museum have a long and productive relationship, that has delivered excellent outcomes for the Moreton Bay Region’s community and economy.

“With between 12 and 14,000 people visiting the Abbey Museum each year, it is easy to see why socially, the museum is a highly valued community and cultural asset in our region.

“Economically, the contributions of the museum and the festival are significant, with over 35,000 visitors, the festival alone has shown to generate direct and indirect expenditure of over $2,000,000 into our local economy.”

However, during the ceremony it was also recognised that Edith was confronted with many challenges, including financial difficulties and, more recently, the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Edith’s composure, her leadership and commitment, as she dealt with the aftermath of the COVID pandemic, ensured that the museum survived through the most significant disruption most of us have ever and will ever see,” Cr Savige stated.

“And she was an inspiration to the Abbey team, to council and to Moreton Bay’s tourism industry more broadly.

“Edith has made a positive impact to the lives of so many, encouraging individuals to learn and develop, both within the organisation and on a personal level.

“But it is also important to note the impact that your efforts, Edith, have had on so many people outside of the Abbey family.

“Those who visit the museum and those who attend the festival.

“Edith once said, ‘storytelling is a wonderful art form. Our displays tell of the journey of humankind through history, while our events and public programs enable our patrons to make their own stories immersed in a curated experience.’

“Well, I can only imagine the incredible stories and memories thousands and thousands and thousands of people now have because of your passion for providing immersive and engaging education and cultural experiences,” Cr Savige concluded.

After all the speeches concluded, Edith was called upon to say a few words and cut a cake.

Speeches in Order of the Celebration Ceremony Program

Celebrating 30-Years of Service Ceremony program.

Paul Garcia

Mark Ryan MP

Terry Young MP

Ali King MP

Cr Brooke Savige

Rebekah Butler (Museums & Galleries)

Geoff Ginn (Former Chair)

Ann Baillie (Vice Chair)

Edith Cuffe

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