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Commonly referred to as an alternative school, according to Caboolture Montessori School Principal, Yvonne Rinaldi, they provide an education based on a “scientific background” that is in strong and growing demand.

“First of all, we are what is considered out there an alternative school,” Principal Rinaldi said in the Moreton News podcast.

“I just don’t like the terminology of alternative school, because the mythology attached to that really brings the school into a spectrum that is not correct.

“Our education is very much based on a scientific background.

“Dr Maria Montessori had planned for children to learn through their own capacity and through understanding how the brain functions.

“So, coming into a Montessori school, what you’re going to find is classrooms with different age groups, and that’s because they are developmentally placed rather than by age, or capacity, or streamlined.

“So, our children will excel generally in most areas because they’re working at a very high level and always according to their interests and their engagement.

“We do have very strong requirements of our students.

“So again, another myth that I’d like to dispel is that our children are not just climbing trees and walking around aimlessly.

“They actually have very clear guidelines of what they have to do.

“We follow the Montessori curriculum.

“However, having said Montessori curriculum, we need to remember that all independent schools, which we are part of, have to comply with the national curriculum, have to comply with non-state schools accreditation.

“So it’s not just a free for all at all.”

The approach has proven results when it comes to students transitioning from the primary school to high school.

“I keep in touch with the principals in the area of secondary schools, and I visit them regularly once a year to see how my students are doing, and theirs,” the principal stated.

“And what we are finding out from their comments is that our students really are separated in many ways and stand out.

“One, because of their confidence, these kids come into their own really understanding of what they can and can’t do.

“Two, their respectful behaviour.

“And three, they seem to go into high school with such excitement of wanting to learn.

“And when the principals talk to me, they say, ‘You can pick a Montessori student because those are the ones that always ask for more work,’” Principal Rinaldi concluded.

Caboolture Montessori School is taking enrolment applications, to find out more, take a look at their website – https://www.cms.qld.edu.au/

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