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BPW Caboolture President talking about the benefits of the networking group.

Being in business can be challenging to say the least, but this can be much easier and more enjoyable when you are surrounded by a network of those who are traveling a similar journey.

Business & Professional Woman (BPW), Caboolture President, Vicki Wood has been in the networking group for almost 20 years.

“For me personally, and I know for many other women, I have been mentored,” Vicki Wood said in the video above.

“I have just been able to reach out to talk to other women who are in similar situations.

“I have been able to just have a friendly ear and network and join in in events that happen throughout the region.”

Further, BPW Caboolture networking events are not just exclusive to women, or those in business.

“BPW is not just for businesswomen, it is for all women in our community,” the group president explained.

“We’re a small membership base and we don’t just encourage members to attend, it’s any women, any men throughout the community that want to come and approach us as another networking organisation, they can come to any breakfast event or any of our other events that we have as well.

“I go to various other networking groups, but I think BPW has that, not just intimate setting, but we are more about helping each other.

“It’s not just sitting there and listening to somebody else speak at you.

“It’s about being together, encouraging each other, and having that development and growth, whether it’s personal or business.”

To find out more about BPW Caboolture, visit the BPW Caboolture Facebook page.

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